Sustainability and insurance companies: how they move

Sustainability and insurance companies: how they move

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SUSTAINABILITY INSURANCE COMPANIES – When you hear the term sustainability, the first thing that comes to mind is the actions that can be put in place to safeguard the planet. It’s not really just that. In fact, the UN Sustainability Agenda 2030 not only concerns environmental objectives but also includes goals on the family, refugees and beyond. For this reason, everyone is called to know these objectives and see which, according to their own development sector, they can commit themselves concretely to carry forward. The same applies to insurance companies that have set up some projects and are committed to improving sustainability.

Commitment to sustainability is important for everyone

The focus on sustainability is the cornerstone of every business to date. Even the basis for restarting after the pandemic crisis is based on who, how and when he can prove committed to at least some points of the UN Agenda 2030. In the economic sector, this is important not only in terms of ethics and morals, but above all in terms of earnings. Hamid-Reza Khoyi explains it very well:

“Because customers or possible customers will pay close attention to the company’s behavior. People who are more and more aware of sustainability will have an interest in relating to companies that operate well in this field. The higher the targets, the more customers are interested in doing business with the company. The same goes for investors of the future who will be more and more people belonging to the generation z. This generation is very sensitive to the theme of sustainability. In evaluating an investment it will be very important for them to see what are the goals that the project to be evaluated has decided to implement and how.”

The commitment to sustainability by insurance companies

Insurance companies, for their part, are also looking for ways to help sustainability. The projects put in place are multiple and diversified in the subjects to which they address. This allows, by doing the sum of all, to succeed as many as possible of categories at risk. Here are some.

“All have a potential, but not all are able to develop it – explains Emma Ursich, General Secretary of The Human Safety Net Foundation and responsible for the Corporate Identity of the Generali Group -. Our task is to accompany people in vulnerable conditions in the path of discovery of their own. We have applied this principle in two areas: families with children up to six years and refugees ready to start their own business”.

In order to do so, the Generali Group has created through its foundation The Human Safety Net has an investment of 7.5 million euros, of which 55,896 have benefited.
But they are not the only ones, in fact, the Unipolis and Cittadinanzattiva Foundation has created the O.R.A. project that involves young people in particular.

«O.R.A. – explains Maria Luisa Parmigiani, director of the Unipolis Foundation and head of sustainability of the Unipol Group – was born as an evolution of an initiative related to education and road safety. We are in the field of civic activism, the children were involved in the drafting of a new Manifesto of Sustainable Mobility. The works examined showed an important and solid awareness of the present, of the right to mobility as the right to independence».

Even Reale Foundation, like the Generali Group, decided to devote its attention to refugees with the Powercoders project. The initiative provides for the support of refugees in the search for a job, especially in the digital sector. The importance of these initiatives is such that all three companies mentioned above carry out these projects are only in Italy, but also in many other countries of the world.

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