Hamid-Reza Khoyi introduces Greenwashing

Hamid-Reza Khoyi introduces Greenwashing

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The greenwashing

HAMID-REZA KHOYI GREENWASHING -By greenwashing we mean “to be green of facade” that is to declare to be a sustainable company, ecologically at the forefront, but not to be it with the facts. Companies are inclined to do so to win over a market that is increasingly sensitive to the issue of sustainability, but is still too little informed. Communicating that you are a green company fascinates the customer and therefore allows you to maximize profits.

Investing in eco-sustainable adjustments is expensive and still does not lead to adequate economic feedback, so greenwashing is a marketable issue. Unfortunately, consumers find it extremely difficult to defend themselves against such deception. The only tool available to them today is that of information, that is to make accurate searches, also on the web, on the company from which you want to buy to understand if they apply or not what they say.

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