Hybrid events: the future of the sector

Hybrid events: the future of the sector

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HYBRID EVENTS – Progress is the engine that drives to evolve and improve. Some even think that a day spent without moving forward is wasted. Sometimes progress is gradual, others are sudden enough to catch us unprepared. Lately we’ve been experimenting with the second type, with the pandemic that has forced us to quickly get used to new technologies and habits. But now we must try to incorporate them into our lives by integrating them with what we already had. How can we do that? For the event industry the solution is already there and we are talking about hybrid events.

Let’s start from the basics: what are hybrid events

“The category is certainly innovative for the sector, but it is far from overturning the current patterns. In fact, hybrid events are the union of the “physical” part, the one we all know, made of pavilions and stands, to a digital part.”

The physical part is clear to us, because it is the one we have always been used to, but the digital one? There are various versions. In fact it can be a simple streaming of the event in presence to which online participants can attend passively, or at most comment live. Or you can have access to a real virtual event made in 3D. In this way, thanks to the advanced technologies, the participants in the web version will believe to be fully present at the event. The experiences and emotions, in fact, become exactly the same as the event in the presence.

New engagement, new connections, new emotions given by hybrid events

The reality is that reality will not change at all: the hybrid event will add new connections and new forms of involvement for the public. The conventional format will remain intact and methods will be added to connect other people who are located far from home.

Visitors will appreciate the event as they have always done while new visitors can be carried away by the enthusiasm of the virtual version. Within a virtual 3D platform they will find dozens of virtual booths from which they can visit sites and chat with standers. Not only that, a virtual 3D platform also allows connection to webinars and other digital services. Each of them will be reconnected with the physical event to make visitors and spectators feel a single audience that breaks the distance.

The advantages of hybrid events are many

The arrival of hybrid events, in conclusion, may well cause us to doubt the experience they offer us, but we would be mistaken. A great novelty that improves the defects, but it doesn’t make anything worse. On the contrary, it also brings advantages from the point of view of sustainability and the rapprochement of the new generations.

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